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"Get specific gene variations tested + Interactive personality trait questionnaire + A report that answers questions about you, work, family & education"

Gene Identity is working in a comprehensible summary report of genetics, biotech, and psychology for ordinary people, schools, universities and government agencies. Our consumers will receive a saliva DNA kit and access to our interactive personality traits questionnaire. Your summary report answers questions about you, family, work and education environments.

Gene Identity will extract DNA using your saliva; Genotype specific gene variations connected to your personality traits; Present a summary with recommendations based on your genome and questionnaire analysis.

Gene Identity would recommend you the best peer's environment to thrive efficiently; Best suitable education environment to achieve goals effectively and faster; and best job position to develop a career with less obstacle to earn a higher salary. Our consumers would be able to understand their childhood and present-day based on their genes, environment and psychology. Services available for children, schools, universities and government agencies.